Buying Libre monitor and food supplies for Stepan

Aleksandra Jovanovic


Thanks to the incredible response of donors, Universal Commercial Capital, and other good people who wished to remain anonymous, we bought Stepan Stanisavljević Libre sensor and straps in the amount of 33,000 RSD (300 USD) and food in the amount of 20,000 RSD! (200 USD)

Thank you!

This only proves that, when we all come together, we can make an incredible difference in a child’s life.

We would like to thank everyone who donated, as well as to those who shared Stepan’s story, and enabled us to make the next period of his life immensely easier.

This is Stepan’s story.

Stepan has type 1 diabetes, he needs our help, mostly with groceries. His life will never be the same again, but we hope we can help him and make this new life a little easier for him.

It is very difficult when you have to stop your child from eating certain foods, and explain to him that he cannot eat what he wants.

This is a child we are personally acquainted with, and he really went a lot, and he is a wonderful child.

Stepan has lost a lot of weight and is now fighting for a normal life.

Stepan started to lose weight suddenly and drank a lot of water, he often urinated at night for a good week. He got a fever and fainted in one day. When the family went to the doctor, it was established that he had very high sugar, and he was urgently transferred to Nis. On the way, he started talking incoherently and meaninglessly.

Stepan Stanisavljević 1

Finally, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and his whole life changed.

Stepan is a great kid, he is excellent at school, and had great grades. He tries very hard, but sometimes has a hard time dealing with everything. This is a situation in which adults have a hard time coping – let alone a child.

Stepan je sjajan klinac,odličan u školi sve su mu ocene dobre. Jako se trudi, ali sada malo teže sada prihvata. Ovo je situacija u kojoj se i odrasli teško snađu – a kamoli dete.


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