Serbian children Charity

Our Story

We are a charitable non-profit from Serbia. Our goal is to help Serbian poverty-stricken and ill children who live in awful conditions. 


Who do we help:

We work with all children living in Serbia, no matter where they come from, and what their race or faith is.

Our Goals:

  1. Help poverty-stricken children
  2. Create normal living conditions for the families
  3. Educate children to work online, as freelancers

Ultimate Goals:

We hope to set our children on a path that will allow them to break the vicious cycle of poverty within their families and communities. 




Successful Actions

we want our children to succeed long-term

Short-Term Help

Our first goal is to help our children have basic necessities, such as food, medicine, clothes, toys, etc.

Education Initiative

Once our children have all of the life necessities, we want to educate them. In doing so, we hope to bridge the educational gap in low-income families and give our children a chance to succeed. We will teach them valuable skills such as design, writing, programming, etc as well as the skills they need to find a job in the future.

Setting Them Up For Life

By giving free lessons and educating our children we hope to set them up for successful high-paying jobs they can advance in. Our ultimate goal is to keep our children from immigrating to other countries, which is a huge problem in Serbia. In doing so, we want to allow them to stay in their birth country and create a life in Serbia. 

Help children in Serbia live a normal childhood.

donors & Sponsors

We're always happy to create new alliances, and meet people who are as passionate to help children as we are. You can reach out to us if you want to become a sponsor.

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